SouthWestern Christian Athletic League



Fall 2016


Thursday August 11, 2016

@ Cheswick C.A.

Soccer Volleyball Basketball Track and Field

2016-17 Membership MS $75.00 HS $150.00

MS Soccer $50.00 Volleyball $50.00 Basketball $50.00 per team

HS Soccer $75.00 Volleyball $75.00 Basketball $75.00 per team

Due: Fri. Sept. 30, 2016

Fall Roster Due Sept. 1, 2016

Final Fall Rosters Due Oct. 1, 2016

Basketball Roster/schedules Due Nov. 25, 2016

Final Basketball Rosters Due Feb 1 st

Additional – MS and HS rosters are due to Val before the due date. Only HS should send DOB.

ALL MS should send their schedules to VAL – Sept 1 st at the latest sooner is better

Email scores to: val: / Art:

Coaches should pay attention to the other teams players to vote on All Stars

Top 3 teams are in – TOP 1 from each section gets a bye

Thurs – 1 VS. Winners from Tuesday – at SR Bible Camp

MS – Top 3 get in and top 1 from each gets a bye.

Email scores to: Val / Blair:

Language from teams needs to be appropriate during the game and especially at the net

Cheering should be positive for your own team and not over the top. Being aware that cheering could be

perceived as mocking the other team. All cheering should be done with a Christ like attitude.

Code of Conduct for fans – SWCAC Conduct – should be posted if possible.

Refrain from screaming during foul shots as an example

Line Judges can be players, students, coaches, or adults. Home team provides 2 line judges

All Stars – voting for all stars players from your section

Championship night times – MS 5:30 possible HS 7pm based on gym availability

Top 4 for MS make the playoffs 1 vs 4 / 2 v 3 – play Tues / Thurs – Higher seed

Flag Football Gary Shawley – Flag Football – Official Assigner #

AD Contact Ref Assigner – for all League games: Mike J - 724-681- 5306 - $60 PER REF

– Champ, Cheswick, Evangels, First Baptist, Seeds of Faith (GV), WPSD , Westmoreland , Cornerstone

– American Spirit, Aquinas, Calvary, Hillcrest, Jefferson, Portersville, Neighborhood (GV)

Nov 1 st – If you don’t have a team let the league know

Elem. Basketball (3 rd -6 th ) Season Coordinator/Deadline / Kara Hartman email

Mandatory SWCAC Athletic Director Spring meeting – April 4 th

MS 9am -10:30 / HS 10:30 -12pm or so… @Geneva (tentative)

School membership fees could go up and give schools a discount for attending meetings – if you send someone

Closing Prayer